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Annual Report 2012

Continue to Commit in Collaborative Action

As a core member of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), the collaborative global sectoral effort undertaken under the auspices of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), TITAN Group has been committed (since 2003) to the implementation of a common Agenda for Action that is reviewed annually and reinforced by all members.

Working together, CSI member companies are improving health and safety conditions by eliminating incidents leading to injuries and fatalities, managing and reducing CO2 and other air emissions of the cement sector as a whole, through effective measurement and reduction measures. Consequently, the CSI has established itself as one of the world’s leading sector based initiatives with a strong compliance culture in terms of understanding, measuring and reporting performance.

In 2012, TITAN Group expanded its engagement with the CSI by accepting the invitation to co-chair the Cement Sustainability Initiative for a two-year period (2012-1013). Our Group remains deeply committed to furthering the CSI’s agenda and we have allocated significant resources to eight of CSI’s Task Forces, where the Group is represented. Apart from work on the historical areas of industry focus such as safety and climate protection, TITAN is actively supporting the expansion of CSI’s scope of work into new, emerging issues affecting the industry’s activities, both downstream and upstream, such as Sustainable Construction and Supply Chain Management.

Sustainable Construction: With concrete being the most used manmade material in the world, we believe that a truly sustainable future must include the design of sustainable buildings. In this context, while the CSI has advanced programs of work addressing the manufacturing stage of cement, which is concrete’s key ingredient, we believe that the real value and contribution of concrete to sustainable construction stems from concrete's benefits during a building’s operational phase and use, as concrete exhibits excellent structural, thermal and affordable properties, making it the ideal building material.

Supply Chain Management: Companies in the cement sector can extend their influence beyond the factory gates to bring positive change towards greater sustainability across the supply chain. In this context, the CSI is ideally placed and structured to provide the necessary frameworks, reporting and measurement procedures to accelerate the development of sustainable good practices throughout the entire supply chain. TITAN is currently chairing CSI’s Task Force on Supply Chain Management, shaping and leading the initiative’s relevant agenda for action.
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CSR Europe “Enterprise 2020”

TITAN Group joined CSR Europe as a core member in 2004. Partnering since then with a number of collaborative ventures with other European enterprises, business associations and experts has offered significant opportunities of learning and improving systems, methods, practices and overall corporate social responsibility performance.

In 2012, the EU proposal on a new directive for the reporting of non-financial performance among European companies garnered significant interest.Being among the few European enterprises that meets the highest expectations with respect to sustainability and CSR reporting, TITAN Group shared its more than a decade of reporting experience according to international and industry standards, including AA 1000 SES and U.N. Global Compact principles.

Moreover, last year, TITAN continued to participate in two collaborative ventures that are highly relevant and material to its own strategy and priorities:

The first one is about Valuing Non-Financial Performance and offers companies the opportunity to better understand the relevant needs and expectations of investors, analysts and the financial market in this respect.

The second concerns Sustainable Supply Chains and Business and Human Rights and is actually the continuation of the collaborative venture started in 2006, when TITAN was among the project’s co-leaders. This collaborative venture is also very relevant to the efforts undertaken by the WBCSD/CSI Working Group and thus, the two groups working in parallel and in co-operation through TITAN’s participation in both efforts increases the synergistic multiplier effects for the cement industry and a number of related business partners and sectors.