Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

On 2 April 2012, Kosjeric celebrated a decade since it became part of the TITAN Group. In the course of the previous decade, TCK has had a fruitful trajectory with a better working environment, higher environmental protection and local community support.

TCK sports events were held from 25 March to 1 April in celebration. This was also the occasion for TCK to share its overall results with the local community of Kosjeric.

Competitions in five sports disciplines together with mountaineering were held with nearly 300 fellow residents from Kosjeric participating in these contests. Seven days of socializing, fair play and positive energy lifted up the community in the best way possible. An essential part of the idea of TCK Sports Days was to rouse more enthusiasm, dedication and empathy for others.

In the past decade, TCK has invested €50 million in production modernization of which more than €15 million have been invested in environmental protection issues. The local community has benefited from a variety of assistance programs totaling approximately €11 million.

Following its long-term commitment to contribute as possible to the well-being of the community, TCK has supported the local community, by donating a swimming pool and two football pitches to be utilized by local residents during the hot summer months.

“Being aware of the fact that the health of people is crucial, we want to motivate our fellow citizens to go in for sports in their free time. Therefore, the swimming pool and football pitches will certainly be of use”, the General Manager of TCK stated on this occasion.