Corporate Governance

Annual Report 2012

According to the decision of the Company’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 27 June 1990, which decided to increase the Company’s share capital by issuing preferred shares without voting rights, the preferences granted to preferred shares without voting rights were as follows:

A. The right to receive the first dividend from the profits of each year before ordinary shareholders, and in the case where no dividend is distributed or a dividend lower than the first dividend is distributed in one or more years, to receive payment on that first divided on a preferential and cumulative basis for those years from the profits generated in subsequent years. Holders of non-voting preferred shares are also entitled, on the same terms as holders of ordinary shares, to receive any additional dividend paid in any form.

It should be noted that following amendments to the provisions of Article 45(2) of Codified Law 2190/1920 on the profits of Societes Anonyme to be distributed, in accordance with Article 79(8) of Law 3604/2007, the obligation to distribute 6% of the paid-up share capital as the minimum mandatory first dividend was abolished, and it is now mandatory to distribute 35% of the net profits.

B. Preferential return of capital paid up by holders of non-voting preferred shares from the product of the liquidation of corporate assets in the event of the Company being wound up. Holders of non-voting preferred shares are entitled, on equal terms with the holders of ordinary shares, to a proportionally greater share in the product of liquidation of assets, if this product is greater than the total paid-up share capital.