Strategy and Risk Management

Annual Report 2012

The TITAN Group CSR Policy aims to embed sustainability in the organization while at the same time supporting a better balance of long and short-term interests, adapting policies and practice to local market needs and priorities and driving sustainability across the value chain. Throughout this Report, we have endeavored to demonstrate - where appropriate – how precisely we do this. For example, training of our local staff on principles-based stakeholder engagement demonstrates our strategy to “Go Deep” in embedding sustainability throughout the Group, while our participation and leadership of collaborative initiatives in the area of responsible supply chain management is evidence of our commitment to “Go Wide”.


Embed sustainability in the organization


Drive sustainability across the value chain


Balance long-term and short-term interests


Adapt policies and practices to local market priorities and realities

TITAN Group Social Policy: “Reaching out and adding value”

TITAN has always implemented its social policy with one single aim: to increase the value created for all key stakeholders. Indeed, value-creation is at the center of what we do. Thus, special emphasis is given to increasing value for all key stakeholders through the “reaching out and adding value” concept, whereby we “reach out” best practices, leveraging our expertise, and add value from the multiplier effects of various types of financial, knowledge, human resource and other types of capital available.

Aligned with TITAN Group standards and values, commitments and pledges, the social policy applied under this concept is focused on engaging with stakeholders and working together on social and environmental projects of interest to local communities or society at large.

Three key principles have always underpinned our decision-making processes: consistency with TITAN’s values and priorities, willingness to engage and commit to long-term efforts,  and clear and measureable outcomes for community or society at large.

The three key priorities for TITAN with respect to its social policy are education and continuous awareness building both in the field of health and safety and the environment. A number of initiatives in all countries underline how the concept of reaching out and adding value works at TITAN, such as FAOS in Patras and Thessaloniki that have been implemented from 2000 and 2004 respectively and have inspired projects like the “Partnering with Schools” projects in F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria. Similarly, co-operation started by Zlatna Panega in Bulgaria (2011 report case) with the Regional Environmental Center (REC) was adopted and expanded in Albania by Antea (See Group Performance by region and country).

Internal communication to foster this reaching out activity to all areas of Group operations is facilitated through the CSR LD Network meetings, the Agora online platform and Managers’ Days. Value is created from the sharing of resources both among our employees and with external stakeholders who often lack know-how and expertise as well as technical, financial and in-kind capital.

Accordingly our decision-making process regarding how much we can invest in social and environmental projects is guided by the principle of inclusivity wherever possible and, especially, by supporting initiatives that relate to the most material issues for our business and stakeholders. This is a continuously evolving process within all TITAN Group subsidiaries as is the process of engaging with communities and other key stakeholders.

Indicative case studies are presented in all countries here.