Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Since the beginning of its planning stages, the Antea plant was created with great attention paid to stakeholders and their involvement including feedback through stakeholder mapping exercises, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and various public consultations.

The issue of alternative fuels is very important both for the sustainability of businesses and the protection of the environment, and thus Antea took the first steps towards raising awareness on the issue. Given that Alternative Fuels are a relatively new development in Albania with very little application, it was necessary to provide information on their use. Hence, in addressing the issue of alternative fuels, their possible use in industry and their co-incineration, the Environmental Department organized meetings in Thumana Village, Kruja and Zharre Village in Fier, with the participation of associations, individuals from the community and Municipal representatives, to which approximately 69 persons attended. The meeting was aimed at sharing information on the process involved, technologies used, compliance with the legal framework and internationally applicable standards and requirements, monitoring systems to be applied as well as benefits and any other potential impacts of alternative fuels. Additionally, this was an opportunity for Antea to be on the receiving end and to obtain feedback from the stakeholders and their opinions on possible alternative fuel use.  The consultation allowed queries to be answered by our team and clarifications to be made.