Annual Report 2012

<WBCSD/CSI Task Force for “Water”

Being a core member of the WBCSD/CSI Task Force for “Water”, TITAN is actively participating in all on-going developments of the TF that include:

  • “Protocol for Water Reporting” that would help members better understand the boundaries and methodology behind the suggested and already established common matrix for water performance measurement (KPIs), comprising a set of internationally recognized indicators.
  • “Guidance on Good Practices for Water Accounting”, aiming at sharing effective good practices for member companies to improve their water performance.
  • Customization of Global Water Tool (GWT) for cement sector. GWT is a dedicated tool for water risk assessment and performance reporting and the external consultant who has developed the tool has been assigned to create a customized version tailored to the cement industry. The TF is also looking into different tools available in the market for answering to a more ‘bottom-up’ or site-specific risk assessment, like: The GEMI Local Water Tool or the WWF Water Risk Filter etc.