Annual Report of the BoD

Annual Report 2012

<Agreements among Company shareholders, which are known to the Company and entail limitations on the transfer of shares or on the exercise of voting rights

It is known to the Company that the Statutes of  “E.D.Y.V.E.M. Hellenic Construction Materials, Industrial, Commercial Transportation Public Company Limited” of Nicosia - Cyprus, holding in total 8,600,000 common Company shares, which represent 11.16% of the total voting rights in the Company and which have been contributed to it

(E.D.Y.V.E.M.)  by the Company Directors Messrs. Andreas Canellopoulos, Dimitri Papalexopoulos, Nellos Canellopoulos, Alexandra Papalexopoulou- Benopoulou, Panagiotis (Takis) Canellopoulos and other Company shareholders, provide for limitations on the transfer of the Company ( Titan S.A.) shares held by it.