Corporate Governance

Annual Report 2012

The purpose of this Committee is to provide advice and support to the Company Management in planning strategy and coordinating Group’s activities in Corporate Social Responsibility matters. Its aim is to constantly improve the performance of the Company and its subsidiaries in three core fields: health and safety at work, environmental protection viewed from the perspective of sustainable development and stakeholder engagement. Its activities include adopting Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development principles and integrating them into the Group’s various sectors of activity and operations; providing advice and support to constantly improve Company and Group performance; periodically measuring and assessing the environmental and social impact of the Company’s major investments and regularly briefing the Board of Directors; and ensuring active Company participation in Greek and international Corporate Social Responsibility-related bodies.

Former members of the Committee and other competent senior executives of the Company and Group are also entitled to attend Committee meetings.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee’s duties and competences and its internal regulation have been posted to the Company's website.