Corporate Governance

Annual Report 2012

Right to attend general meetings
As explained in detail elsewhere, shareholders are entitled to attend General Meetings in person or via representatives who may or may not be shareholders.


Right to vote at general meetings
Every share, apart from preferred shares to which no voting rights are attached, comes with a voting right.


Right of preferred shareholders
According to the decision of the Company’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 27 June 1990, which decided to increase the Company’s share capital by issuing preferred shares without voting rights, the preferences granted to preferred shares without voting rights were as follows: read more >

Priority rights
In any event of share capital increase, when that increase does not result from a contribution in kind or the issue of bonds with the right of conversion into shares, priority rights are granted read more >

Right to receive a copy of the financial statements and reports of the BoD and auditors
Ten (10) days prior to the Ordinary General Meeting, each shareholder may request the annual Financial Statements and relevant reports of the Board of Directors and Auditors from the Company.


Minority rights
Following an application submitted by any shareholder to the Company within at least five full days prior to the General Meeting, the Board of Directors read more >

Right to dividends
According to the Articles of Association, the minimum mandatory dividend to be distributed each year by the Company is equal to read more >

Right to the product of liquidation
On completion of the liquidation, the liquidators return the contributions of the Shareholders in accordance with the Articles of Association and distribute to them the balance from the liquidation of the Company’s assets in proportion to their share in the paid-up share capital of the Company.


Shareholders’ liability
Shareholders’ liability is limited to the nominal value of the shares held.


Exclusive jurisdiction of the courts-applicable law
Each Shareholder, regardless of where he or she resides, is – in dealings with the Company read more >