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Annual Report 2012

On 10 -11 December 2012, a two-day long conference was organized by TITAN on the premises of the Thessaloniki plant with the subject “Occupational Health and Safety: Challenges – Continuous Improvement”.

The aim of the conference was to raise awareness and motivation and to share good health and safety management practices in the workplace. It was addressed to Thessaloniki area contracting companies’ owners, construction companies, engineering firms and industry engineers.

Presentations were made by TITAN’s safety specialists, by representatives of governmental institutions (Ministry of Labor, Labor Inspectors Agency), as well as safety specialists from the private sector, such as the refinery industry. The conference was attended by 140 participants, mainly safety (and other) engineers, owners of contracting companies, consulting firms, executives of various companies and agencies (TUV, etc.), and members of the academic community.