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Annual Report 2012

TCK - a new member of Business Leaders Forum Serbia

The Business Leaders Forum Serbia gathers representatives of the most progressive local companies, state institutions, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders. Their mission is to promote a constructive dialogue and corporate social responsibility. Established in 2008 as a coalition of socially responsible companies in Serbia, this association supports and promotes the concept of business sector cooperation with other stakeholders in order to create a stable and robust community.

Guided by this principle, the members of the Forum implement and develop practices of responsible corporate behavior in the field of social, economic and environmental issues. The Business Leaders Forum is a national partner of the CSR Europe, a leading organization for corporate social responsibility with its policy based on strongly connecting all social factors, i.e. creating ideal community values.

To its great delight, TCK was recently admitted to the Business Leaders Forum Serbia. Admittance to this prestigious leader group was merited due to endeavors TCK invests in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, particularly in the field of health and safety at work as well as tangible relations with local community. Membership became official on 23 November 2012 in the meeting of the organization, where TCK was given the opportunity to present recognizable priorities, policies and strategies of the company in this sphere.

The presentation of TCK achievements and prospective plans was warmly welcome by other company-members of the Business Leaders Forum. Although it is not located in Belgrade, unlike most other members, TCK, through its commitment to broader local community development, has been acknowledged as a distinguished corporate leader.