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Annual Report 2012

On 5 June 2012, World Environment Day as well as the International Day of Families were celebrated at the Antea plant, through the organization of an “Open Day”, a day when the plant was open to everyone to visit and learn from it and about it. The celebration was focused on the families of workers as well as the community surrounding the plant with two clear goals: to raise awareness on environmental protection among children and to raise attention on health and safety among parents and families.

The Open Day started with the transportation of participants from surrounding areas as well as from Tirana (which was organized by the company) to the plant. After welcome speeches from company representatives, the theater performance “Voices of the Sea” by the Waking Theater Artistic Group took place for the children, in order to raise awareness on the importance of nature. The theatrical production was followed by a seminar for women in attendance, which stressed issues of safety at home and the avoidance of accidents.

The event concluded with music and a drawing competition for children. The best drawings were chosen and put together in a calendar for 2013, which was given out to employees and other company stakeholders. The event was received very positively, especially by the younger members of the community and will be organized again with the inclusion of a wider group of stakeholders.