Corporate Governance

Annual Report 2012

Governance for Sustainability

The TITAN Group has been guided by certain values throughout its history. Operationalizing these corporate values - practically putting them into practice - is a task in which all TITAN employees can make a difference. Our commitment to applying the highest standards of corporate governance has been additionally underlined by the decision of the TITAN Board of Directors to comply -above and beyond the provisions of Greek Law required by our listing on the Athens Exchange- with the U.K. Code on Corporate Governance, as revised by the U.K. Financial Council. Among the key governance areas affected by this decision to comply with U.K. law are the composition of the Board of Directors (the number of executive and non-executive positions) and the separation of the Chairman’s duties from those of the CEO.

Since 2000, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development have been embedded step-by-step in the governance and management of TITAN operations. Meeting business objectives, both in the short and long-term, is regarded as a shared responsibility among all TITAN Directors and managers.

Following feedback received from stakeholders and the on-going analysis of risks and opportunities, TITAN addressed the following key issues in 2012:

* Countries at risk: Greece and Egypt (see Group performance by Region and Country)
* Empowering our people (see Engaging with our Employees)
* Integrating and upgrading infrastructure, technology and systems of SharrCem in Kosovo
* Continued and expanded meaningful collaborative actions
* Greater investment in win-win solutions for business and society