Annual Report 2012

<Stakeholder engagement in the U.S.A.

A relevant example is the case in the U.S.A. where the process of engagement, both with internal and with external stakeholders, has also opened new opportunities. Through participation in the Portland Cement Association and a collaborative research project with MIT regarding the sustainability of concrete and the social values provided by concrete structures, TITAN management has initiated a communication plan to encourage a better understanding of the nature of the industry and its potential for sustainability and social development.

While investing in internal stakeholders first through communication and sharing of information and training, a dynamic group of sustainability ambassadors has been created. This Group supports multi-stakeholder engagement focused on the two key areas of the sustainability of cement products and sustainability of others.

Key issues relevant to the of stakeholder engagement plan in the U.S.A. include:

  • Use our products and services to make customers, end users and public more safe, eco-friendly and resilient
  • Vision is central – empowerment is local
  • Extraversion and collaboration with allies required
  • Better than ‘Playing Defense’
  • Improves morale and image
  • Growing business and adding value is good!

In 2012, the action plan implemented by TITAN America included the following:

  • Led advocacy in Florida and Virginia
  • Executives personally advocated to state legislature, Departments of Transportation (DOT) and public influence groups
  • Organized 5 member Florida Advocacy Team
  • Initiated checking MIT results on Florida’s I-95
  • Engaged Florida International University (FIU) to conduct scientific field tests
  • Worked with FIU to verify MIT model results
  • Brought trucking partner onboard