Annual Report 2012

<Voluntary Sectoral Agreement: Public-Private Partnership in the Cement Industry in Greece

As part of its commitment to collaborative action and the mitigation of climate change, TITAN along with other members of the Cement Association of Greece signed the first voluntary public-private agreement of its kind with the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. The agreement provides a specific framework for the development of alternative fuels by the cement industry contributing both to broader public awareness about the usage and benefits of alternative fuels, and to the formation of a dynamic market for alternative fuels without distortions and exclusions. The use of alternative fuels and raw materials in the cement industry is an example of good policy on waste management. This practice, already recognized as a Best Available Technique elsewhere in the EU (as well as the global CSI), promotes energy recovery and recycling of materials in the industry, according to the basic principles of the hierarchy of waste management.