Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Elementary school “Emin Duraku” - Kaçanik

SharrCem continued its dedication to small improvements in the urban areas of different cities in Kosovo. In August 2012 it has concentrated its efforts to give a hand to the elementary school Emin Durakuin Kacanikto renovate its yard.

As a cement producer, SharrCem covered the civil works, an area where it has the best knowledge and could contribute the most. For over three weeks, six SharrCem employees resisted the sweltering August heat in a rush to prepare the school yard before the beginning of the school year.

After laying down over 400 square meters of concrete stones, 120 meters of walls, a stage for the handicapped, a water sink with five water faucets, with a total value of over 8,000 euro, SharrCem’s people are confident that the youngsters of the primary school will have a nicer and safer environment.