Group Performance

Annual Report 2012

Responsible supply chain management
The TITAN Group works with approximately 200 suppliers around the world. Due to the local nature of TITAN businesses, most suppliers servicing TITAN needs for raw materials and services like maintenance, catering, cleaning, and transportation are local. Procurement standards are defined by the TITAN Group Code for Procurement and are applied throughout the Group on a global basis. Special attention is paid to safety and the protection of human and labor rights among contractors and subcontractors with whom the Group has a permanent or long-term relationship.

Our Group-wide data collection system underwent modifications and revisions in 2012 in order to reflect more accurately best global business practice. The area of supplier selection was concerned in particular. Hence data in 2012 do not include criteria for supplier selection in selected markets, such as the U.S.A, as the management system is currently under redevelopment.


Note on SA 8000