Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

As part of an overall plan presented in 2008, the designated green belt in the area of TITAN Cementara Kosjeric (TCK) has gradually been developed ever since. There have been 400 conifer and deciduous trees planted within the zone of roads and above solid fuel and slag landfill.

The afforestation of the plant surroundings has become more significant by engaging community activists who took part in the volunteering action at an event in the autumn of 2012. The activity was followed by hard work as well as entertainment and sports events. In addition to Kosjeric management staff, the mayor and vice-president together with local authority representatives, sports clubs, folk dance association “Maksim Markovic” and mountaineering society “Subjel” participated in the event. Interested visitors were also taken for a short plant tour and became familiar with the cement production process.