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Annual Report 2012

Safety First - recognition of continuous efforts

For a third year in a row, ZlatnaPanega  was nominated for the executive branch General Labor Inspectorate’s national awards for occupational health and safety. The contest aims to encourage activities related to the mitigation of work related health and safety risks, by actively involving all stakeholders. On 14 December 2012, ZlatnaPanega received the first prize in the category “Companies with personnel up to 250 people”. The award was given personally to the General Manager by the Minister of the Labor and Social Policy.

The award was the result of the primary commitment of the plant to create such labor conditions which will ensure that all cement-producing workers will go home safe and sound. This has been codified by the Company’s Health and Safety Policy, whose main goal is to have zero work-related incidents and to provide safety and good health for all employees.