Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

TITAN has supported the “Future Leaders” developmental program from its beginning, aiming to give young people the opportunity to work in teams with professional and experienced mentors on valuable projects for community or society at large.

When this idea started in 2009, a number of large Greek and international companies operating in the local market joined their efforts and today ”Future Leaders” is an autonomous legal entity, operating as a non-governmental organization, with TITAN among its founding members. Following this initiative, key companies within the global market have joined the Future Leaders association, which is supported by the Institute of Youth and the Hellenic Management Association and has been acknowledged by the Greek Ministry of Education.
This program aims to develop, strengthen and actively engage young people (postgraduate students) in addressing societal concerns.  The main objective of this program is for Future Leaders to prepare a business plan offering solutions to societal problems (local communities or NGOs). It is also a training program that is based on fair competition and voluntarism that promotes the idea of transferring business knowledge to young people.

This program is addressed to companies that operate in Greece, which demonstrate high corporate responsibility and active involvement in social issues.  These companies provide the resources and people who act as Business Coaches to the Future Leaders. These Business Coaches participate in a workshop called “Coaching Champions” in order to contribute towards further empowering “Future Leaders”. They have the opportunity to be better equipped with coaching skills that can be implemented with their direct reports for performance improvement, investing in their personal development and bringing more value to the organization. They also have the chance to work on a project outside the office, collaborating with different people, in an effort to add value to a significant social cause.

TITAN has multiple benefits from this collaborative action, among else:

  • The unique opportunity to meet and cooperate with young talented people, explore their  way of thinking, ideas and vision
  • The ability to contribute to community and society at large through the implementation of selected projects
  • The capacity to learn new methods and systems and better understand their relevance and applicability to human resources development
  • The chance to cultivate new skills and competencies to own employees