Corporate Governance

Annual Report 2012

According to Article 12 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the General Meeting of Shareholders is the Company’s supreme body and is entitled to decide on all corporate affairs.

The General Meeting is the sole body competent to decide on:

a) Amendments to the Articles of Association, other than those which are decided on by the Board of Directors pursuant to law (Article 11(5), Article 13(2) and (13), and Article 17b(4) of Codified Law 2190/1920).

b) Increases or reductions in the share capital, with the exception of those cases where that power lies with the Board of Directors pursuant to Law or the Articles of Association, and increases or reductions required by the provisions of other laws.

c) The distribution of the annual profits, save for the case referred to in Article 34(2)(f) of Codified Law 2190/1920.

d) The election of members and stand-in members of the Board of Directors, apart from the cases cited in Article 25 of the Articles of Association, relating to the election of members by the Board of Directors to replace members who have resigned, passed away or been removed from their post, for the remainder of the term in office of the members being replaced and provided that said members cannot be replaced by the stand-in members elected by the General Meeting.

e) Approval of the annual accounts (annual financial statements).

f) The issuing of corporate bonds, in parallel with the right of the Board of Directors to issue such bonds in accordance with Article 28 of the Articles of Association.

g) The election of auditors.

h) The extension of the Company’s term, merger, split, conversion, revival, or winding up of the Company.

i) The appointment of liquidators.

j) The filing of actions against members of the Board of Directors for acting ultra vires or for infringing the law or the Articles of Association and

k) All other issues relating to the Company for which the General Meeting is granted competence by the law or the Articles of Association.

The General Meeting meets at the seat of the Company or in another municipality within the prefecture where the seat is located or in another municipality bordering the place of its seat at least once every fiscal year and within six months at the most from the end of that fiscal year. It may also meet within the boundaries of the municipality where the Athens Exchange has its registered offices.

The invitation for the General Meeting must include at least the data defined by article 26 of the Law 2190/1920 and is published as provided in Law 2190/1920. More specifically, the invitation for the General Meeting must include place and precise address, date and time of the meeting, the items on the agenda clearly stated, the shareholders entitled to take part, and precise instructions about how shareholders can take part in the meeting and exercise their rights in person or via a representative, including the forms that the Company is utilizing for that purpose.

The minimum information which should be stated in the invitation also includes information about the minority rights and the time period in such minority rights can be exercised, the record date with an indication that only shareholders on the record date can attend and vote at the General Meeting, a notice of the place where the full text of documents and drafts of decisions proposed by the Board of Directors for all items on the agenda are available, and a reference to the Company’s website where all the above information is available, and the forms which must be used when shareholders vote via a representative.

The invitation for the General Meeting must be published in full or in summary format (which must necessarily include an express reference to the website where the full text of the invitation and information required by Article 27(3) of Codified Law 2190/1920 is available) in the publications specified in Article 26(2) of Codified Law 2190/1920, in the Societes Anonyme and Limited Liability Companies Bulletin of the Government Gazette and on the ATHEX and Company websites at least 20 days before the date of the meeting.

The full text of the invitation must also be published in electronic news services with a national and European reach, in order to effectively disseminate information to investors and to ensure rapid, non-discriminatory access to such information.