Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

“C-Mentors” foundation level round for young engineers

The three-year “C-Mentors”industrial development program launched first in Egypt aims to support the development of young engineers with two to three years of experience to become first-rate cement professionals and, ultimately, highly-valued cement mentors. The foundation level sessions’ objective is to build solid foundational knowledge of all the 10 industrial competencies and the associated development tools such as the Industrial Competencies Matrix, Job Profiling and Individual Development Priorities (IDPs). The two-week long program in Egypt included 20 participants in 2012. The anticipated results of the project are to expose participants to different operations in the plant, help them acquire strong industrial knowledge, to spread a knowledge-transfer culture at the plant and to strengthen networking opportunities between participants and the plant team. (A similar program was also conducted in Albania in 2012.)