Group Performance

Annual Report 2012

In light of celebrating TITAN’s 110 years within our industry and within the context of encouraging open communication and belongingness to the TITAN world family, the TITAN Group Intranet portal, AGORA, was developed and offered to all TITAN employees worldwide in May 2012. This portal is a communications umbrella for Group news, facilitates the exchange of best practices, establishes a common language, influences the company’s culture and creates a sense of belongingness. It is a pathway for the local intranet sites across TITAN operations, offering a common portal for all group applications.

This is our site to communicate with each other, share information and ideas, disseminate knowledge and transfer best practices throughout our operations all over the world. The word “Agora” literally means “a gathering place” and, as such, the AGORA intranet portal is the exchange and communication gathering point of TITAN Group.