Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Improving professional skills and competencies of employees

The “C-Mentors” training program took place on Antea’s premises for three weeks between 25 June and 13 July 2012 and included approximately 23 participants. The “C-Mentors” training program first began in Egypt in 2011 and is an innovative way of implementing professional training and development on a Group level.

Focused primarily on developing young engineers on a fast-track pace to be world-class cement professionals, the “C-Mentors” program provides condensed industrial knowledge and increased scaling of experience gained, from trainers from other entities of the TITAN Group to their counterparts in other countries.

Workshops in Antea ran over three weeks with participation from engineers and employees working with them, introducing all the main industrial competencies for cement professionals, related to the required skills for every role in the plant and as well as other topics such as cement industry environmental impact mitigation, alternative fuels, automation processes in cement plants, kiln optimization levers, etc.

As one of the most-technologically advanced companies in Albania, Antea and its employees from all departments partake in several trainings and activities throughout the year, aimed at addressing the development of professional skills of the staff and the overall improvement of the operation of the company. These intensive training programs help promote the further development of staff and the uniformity of Group skill levels.