Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Following the initiative started in 2011 to conduct soft skill trainings for bluecollar employees to improve further the culture between them, more efforts were carried out in this past year. Positive feedback from blue collar employees after the first two sessions of “Mastering Communication” encouraged TCE management to decide to conduct more of the soft skills sessions for employees in both plants at Beni Suef and Alexandria in 2012. This included a session entitled It's all about me, designed to help create a Healthy, Positive and Effective Corporate Culture and reflecting on both personal and professional lives of employees and Mastering Leadership which prepares participants for a leading role and helps natural leaders to develop the skills and insights to become great ones. There were a total of 86 participants for the three sessions trained this past year for 1.533 hours. The anticipated results of the training include an overall culture improvement, a higher level of commitment, more positive attitude and minimized conflict among employees.