Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Following its strategic determination to support sustainable development through education and building upon a strong local partnership, good neighborly relations and the needs of the local community and society at large, Usje launched the “Adopt a School” Project.

The project is aimed at improving the health and safety and environmental conditions in schools and kindergartens as part of TITAN’s voluntary commitment to support education in the country as well as to share Organazational Health and Safety and environmental commitment and know-how.

The project covers eight primary schools and one kindergarten in the Municipality of Kisela Voda. Each manager of Usje was appointed responsible for (or “adopted”) one school or kindergarten, while there are also cross-functional responsibilities, namely different managers appointed responsible for different elements of the project scope (environmental, mechanical, electrical, construction etc.).

Project implementation started at the beginning of the summer school break (continuing for approximately five months), as students were out of school while electrical repairs were carried out or heavy machinery and other equipment was being used in the schools or schoolyards.