Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Moreover, in 2012 Antea supported for the third consecutive year the community soccer championship, organized by the Thumana Commune in November 2012.
The communities that participated were the seven communities of Bushnesh, Borizane, Derven, Dugagjin, Gramez, Thumane and Sukth along with the team from Antea, comprised of company employees. Given that the championship has now become a tradition in the community, many residents were eager to play and represent their communities. The soccer field was filled with people and fans passionately supporting their communities throughout the game, despite the bitter winter cold outside.

The Anteateam played very bravely against Bushnesh on 23 November 2012, while the finals of the championship took place on 27 November, with the Borizana team being pronounced champion for 2012.