Strategy and Risk Management

Annual Report 2012

We endeavor to achieve our governing objective by using our four-pronged Corporate Strategy, which has been developed and is continually refined in the context of the global and local markets in which we operate.

Our business model relies on local management to best serve the needs of all key stakeholders and at the same time provides a coherent and robust management framework that empowers our people with the freedom to manage and make decisions aligned with TITAN values and principles.

Value-creation is at the center of what we do. Thus special emphasis is given on increasing value for all stakeholders through the concept of “reaching out and adding value” whereby we convey best practices, leveraging our expertise, and we add value beyond our Group’s financial capital, knowledge and human resources through the multiplier effect. In 2012, TITAN remained focused on its strategy of fostering sustainability, balancing short with long-term impacts and opportunities and investing in efforts leading to continuous improvement.