Group Performance by Region and Country

Annual Report 2012

Best Available Technologies and Alternative Raw Materials

The use of alternative raw materials and fuels is a key element of the TITAN Group’s climate mitigation strategy. Since 2011, the plant in Thessaloniki has been outfitted with equipment to enable  the  use of materials with high energy value that are residues of agricultural production, such as oleaginous plant residues, residues from processing cotton, crushed wood, etc. In 2012, the plant consumed 3,421 tons of biomass and thereby saved 6,867 ton emissions of CO2 (along with 2011’s 2,572 tons used).

The installed unit, an example of a Best Available Technology (BAT), can also be used for many other materials, giving solutions to the problems of waste management in the wider area of Thessaloniki (e.g., bulky waste, municipal waste, dried sewage sludge, etc.) safely and with a variety of benefits. For this purpose a decision is expected for environmental permits from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

TITAN also works to educate local communities and other stakeholders about the benefits of using alternative raw materials in high temperature cement kilns to minimize the use of primary raw materials, provide solutions to societal waste management problems and reduce the emissions impact of the company (and the country in keeping with European and international climate mitigation agreements).In other countries, such solutions positively impact local waste management issues and it is hoped that, with its consistent awareness-raising activities and trust building activities with local communities, TITAN will be able to expand the practice in Greece as well, contributing to greater environmental protection and the solution of urban waste problems.