Annual Report 2012

<TITAN Mentoring Program

Within the context of further enhancing leadership and further transferring the TITAN values and culture, a new initiative was started for the Group: the TITAN Mentoring Program – TI.ME.

This is an initiative that, among others, aims to introduce the concept of mentoring into TITAN Group.

This program’s content is designed in cooperation with “The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development”, which is the world's largest Chartered HR and development professional body, recognized as an international brand with over 135,000 members and 100 years of history.

It starts with a two-day training program and grows into a long-term developmental relationship. Within this context, mentors encourage mentees to see the wider picture, focusing on their overall development
This program was developed in order to enable participants to:

  • Understand what mentoring is and how it differs from coaching and other forms of people development
  • Recognize different types of mentoring styles
  • Identify the skills needed to mentor effectively, have opportunities to practice those skills and give and get feedback
  • Adopt a more ‘hands-off’ style when developing others and in that way, develop problem-solvers
  • Recognize ways in which leadership skills will be enhanced by developing mentoring skills
  • Share successful leadership practices and assist in developing leadership behaviors necessary for successfully covering future roles

During this program, mentors and mentees are trained and prepared in order to be capable of starting a fruitful, long-term relationship that is expected to last over a year. This relationship is initiated by a pairing process and both mentors and mentees are supported in order to be prepared for their forthcoming challenging role either as a mentor or as a mentee.